Corona virus response DTC 2 April 2020

PRESS RELEASE – 2nd April 2020

?Helping Dawlish?

A message from the Mayor of Dawlish, Councillor Alison Foden:

?As we near the third week of lock-down and social isolation, it is important to celebrate all those key workers who keep Dawlish ? and this country ? going.

A big shout-out of appreciation and thanks to: – the bin collectors, farmers, agricultural workers, food manufacturing and distribution workers, the postmen and delivery people, shop staff, pharmacists, medicine and PPE (personal protective equipment) manufacturers, vets, journalists, bus and train drivers, and to all parents in their new role as home-teachers.

Enormous thanks to all of these key workers, and to all carers and NHS staff for all their work during these difficult times.

Here in Dawlish my gratitude goes to everyone who is volunteering for their community ? shopping for self-isolated and vulnerable neighbours, and making time to contact and talk with people to show that they still belong, and that it?s ?physical isolation? only. – Helping Dawlish is the Town Council working with local community organisations: Assist Teignbridge, Dawlish Community Transport, Dawlish Chamber of Trade, Dawlish Christian Fellowship, Strand Centre, Living Open Daw, ROC Dawlish, Roots Community Enhancement and Home Instead.

This is a difficult and testing time, and we all have a crucial part to play ? to protect ourselves, to protect others, and to protect the NHS. Words of gratitude and kindness go a long way ? be kind to yourself. Please be kind to all key workers and volunteers too ? they are doing their best to keep our world going, and as Plato said in the 13th Century ?be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle?.

With very best wishes to you all ? keep safe.?

Cllr Alison Foden

31st March 2020.