Activities and Well-being

What can I do to stay positive and active?


A lot of advice and resources are being made available online. There are some examples on this page – share others that you find with friends and family.



Ideas for self-care:

Helping Dawlish recently produced a leaflet on what actions you can take and it includes information on self-careĀ  view the leaflet or see the suggestions below:

Gratitude diary– make a note each day of something special or positive. A blue sky, a call from a friend, a wonderful memory. When we regularly challenge our minds to seek positivity, we ourselves feel lifted

Stay connected– with friends, family, neighbours through the phone, email, video calls or (safely) chatting over the fence. Don’t overload yourself with video calls as this can be tiring too

Acknowledge your emotions– this is tough, this is lonely and frustrating. Let yourself feel, acknowledge these feelings and be kind to yourself. Take one day at a time and remember your success rate for making it through each day is 100%!

Get creative– spending time ?resetting? is vital. Knitting, doodling, doing a jigsaw, writing a journal. Keep busy with hobbies, crafts, reading, films, home and garden improvements. All are ways in which we can refocus on something constructive which can help us relax or reduce stress.

Keep a routine– It may be calling a friend at a particular time or having tea and a biscuit by the window, watching the birds. Keep a daily plan. Our minds thrive with routine and when stressed, it helps to get through each day by moving from one planned task/activity to another.

Seek help– if you feel the impact of lockdown/isolation/shielding is becoming too much to bear, reach out for help. Anyone of any age in any circumstance may need help and any time. Sometimes just talking to someone can help

Stay active – try and do some physical activity each day, such as walking, running or online exercise classes. Only do what you can manage and don’t feel bad if you have the odd sofa day too!

Stay calm – through mindfulness, listening to music, meditation, gardening, prayer or stroking a pet! Find out what works best for you

Information intake – think about managing or limiting your access to news and social media if it is making you stressed or anxious. Just listen to one update a day, or unfollow sources of unreliable or unhelpful information

Experience the outdoors -? we know that being outside and with nature can be hugely beneficial for our mental health. We are limited in what we can do outside at the moment, but you can still have a daily short walk, open the window and let in some birdsong and fresh air, tend to a plant on your windowsill, get in the garden and create some great natural spaces

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