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 The coronavirus pandemic is worrying for everyone in our community. Dawlish Town Council is working with several local organisations to produce and distribute information to help you and to provide support.

This website is updated daily.

What actions can I take?

Keep up to date on current health advice and follow the latest NHS guidance – take a look at these useful websites which are regularly updated:

As the Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor has said: ‘We all have a crucial part to play. This is a mild disease in most people. But it is paramount that we do everything possible to protect ourselves, to protect others, and protect the NHS.’

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Latest Updates

Why not ring a family member or neighbour or friend you trust, who can arrange to collect shopping for you should you need it? They should put it on your doorstep

If you are well and mobile, ring a friend or neighbour to offer help collect shopping for them if they become ill. Follow Government advice about going out.

If you want to volunteer to help others locally – call Assist Teignbridge on 01626 888321 and give your name, address, contact number and email. Assist Teignbridge are co-ordinating volunteer help to get the maximum benefit for our community in the crisis. They will call you when needed.

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