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TheĀ current Coronavirus pandemic has been a worrying time for our community. The Town Council and partners through Helping Dawlish have been providing a range of services to help local people to cope and to support each other. As the initial emergency response has now been carried out and lockdown measures are starting to ease, we are stepping back a little and turning our attention to helping the community rebuild through our individual organisations.

Helping Dawlish will remain in place so that we can respond again to any second wave, to another lockdown or to other issues that may arise and have an impact on our community. We are also conscious that some people are still shielding, still isolated, or are still being impacted by the effects of the lockdown on their finances, families, businesses, mental and physical health and may require support.

We will continue to share useful local/national information and advice and will continue to provide emergency support where there is a genuine need. Please see the website pages for further information.

With thanks to all those that have supported Helping Dawlish to date through volunteer time, donations, publicity and meal preparation.

What actions can I take?

Keep up to date on current health advice and follow the latest NHS guidance ? take a look at these useful websites which are regularly updated:

Latest leaflet for Dawlish below


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Latest Updates

Why not ring a family member or neighbour or friend you trust, who can arrange to collect shopping for you should you need it? They should put it on your doorstep

If you are well and mobile, ring a friend or neighbour to offer help collecting shopping for them if they become ill. Follow Government advice about going out.

If you want to volunteer to help others locally ? call Assist Teignbridge on 01626 888321 and give your name, address, contact number and email. Assist Teignbridge are co-ordinating volunteer help to get the maximum benefit for our community. They will call you when needed.

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